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Dr. Glenn W. Kinley

After an angel announced his birth, Dr. Glenn W. Kinley was born on April 22, 1927.  From a very young age his father, Dr. Henry C. Kinley, taught him along with the rest of his family, the Divine Vision and Revelation that he received Directly from Yahweh.  After many years of tutorship, the Founder proclaimed that Glenn, his son, was able to draw out (Teach) the Vision and Revelation in great detail and was quoted as saying that "Glenn is one of my best teachers."


In 1958, when the school moved from Springfield to Los Angeles, the founder asked Glenn to remain in Ohio, and to preside as State President in his stead. 


Because his obedience to his father, in 1960, Dr. Glenn W. Kinley also received a Divine Vision and Revelation, which was given to him as he stated, "in part."  After the passing of his father, Glenn remained obedient and went to Pasadena per his father's request and opened the Pasadena Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Inc.


In 1977 he met and married his wife Dr. Lupe L. Kinley.  For 20 years she was one with him and remained faithful along his side until he passed in 1997.  In 1991, the school moved from Pasadena to Daytona Beach Florida  where Dr. Kinley continued to teach and write. In 1996 he hosted The General Assembly in Springfield, Ohio.  His writings include a Biography of his father, along with many other books and pamphlets.  Also included in his legacy, are many many hours of video lectures, where he clearly left no stone un-turned.  


During the time of his ministry, he visited and checked in on many branch schools throughout the country, again, remaining faithful and obedient by keeping his promise to his father.


Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley, the school's founder, was born on September 30, 1896 in Greenville, Kentucky.  While he was yet a young man, his father George along with his mother Ada, moved their family to Springfield, Ohio.  It was here that he would later meet his wife Katie, who would eventually give birth to their eight children, Clifford, Richard, a baby girl who was stillborn and was to be named Katie, R.P., Arlena Ada, who is fondly called Lena, Rachel ,Glenn, and Jack.


On June 6, 1930 at 9 o'clock in the morning (When was the Vision and Revelation Given?), Dr. Kinley was caught up in that realm of Source and Substance (which is the Life and Light of every Man) and was asked of YAHWEH-ELOHIM "What will you do with what I have shown YOU?" He cried out "I know not!" Again, YAHWEH-ELOHIM asked "What will you do with what I have shown you?"  once again He cried out "I know not!" For the third time YAHWEH-ELOHIM said "Answer Me O Man, What will you do with what I have shown you?" This time He answered, "I will show it to my fellow man!" The founder kept his promise to Yahweh, and as a result, the school was established in Springfield, Ohio, in 1932.  In 1958, The Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research was incorporated in the state of California.  From Los Angeles, the founder orchestrated three world peace missions, met with various world dignitaries, and continued to preach this great gospel.  In 1976, Dr. Kinley passed peacefully accomplishing the service that Yahweh had bestowed upon him..

Dr. Lupe L. Kinley


Dr. Lupe L. Kinley, wife of Dr. Glenn W, Kinley and Daughter-in-Law to the Institute's founder, Dr. Henry C. Kinley, devoted her entire life to this Gospel.  After her husband's passing, she continued to teach Yahweh's Great Vision and Revelation, which was received by our Founder on June 6th in the year of 1930.  This website is a direct result of her ongoing dedication, desire, and efforts to present the entire world with Yahweh's greatest gift, which is the gift of Understanding his Divine Purpose and Plan. 

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