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What is the Creator's true Name?


            The True and Correct Name of Our Heavenly Father: 



A common error among biblical translators is their elimination of Heavens' revealed name of the Most High, YAHWEH. By substituting the titles of the local deities from the nations of whom the translators dwelt: “For all the gods of all the nations are idols: but Yahweh made the Heavens(Psalms 96-5).”  To illustrate how translators have hidden the correct names; below is a breakdown showing the correct names and their application to the Heavenly Father; with the substitutions, the translators have inserted into the Holy Scriptures (and the source of those pagan titles).


(1) ADONAY- Canaanite Deity

(2) LORD (Lord) - Canaanite Deity- BAAL

(3) BAAL (BAALIM) -Babylonian Deity

(4) JEHOVAH- An English misapplication of the tetragrammaton (YHWH) a little research on                                 your part will reveal there is no letter “J” in the Hebrew Language.


(1) GOD (God) Assyrian Deity -Gawd or God in English

(2) AMON- an Egyptian Deity whose name occurs in that of NO AMON (NAHUM 3:8) The Greeks                      called this Deity AMMON. The ancient Egyptians name is AMEN, and he worshiped as AMEN-RA, or “AMEN, THE SUN.”



(2) CHRIST-Hindu Deity- KRIS 


The substitutions of the Original Sacred Names (YAHWEH, ELOHIM, AND YAHSHUA) by the names of the pagan deities of the nations has brought immeasurable harm. Such names as LORD, GOD and JESUS CHRIST in no way represent the meaning of the Original Sacred Names, the meaning which can and will be revealed to you. YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH said “ I am come in my fathers name…..”(JOHN 5:43).  The title or term “SHUA” means SAVIOR, SALVATION or DELIVERER.



Clearly now, Messiah came into the world bearing a portion of his Fathers’ name (just as you and I come into this world bearing a portion of our earthly Fathers’ name). By employing the names of pagan deities the people unknowingly turn the worship of YAHWEH into that of idols and actually ascribe the benevolent characteristics of the Mighty One of Israel to false gods (HOSEA 2:8)

If you maintain that the name YAHWEH (known as El Shaddi, Almighty Provider to Moses and to the Patriarchs (EX 6:3-15)  prior to the vision of the burning bush) was given only to the Hebrews; remember that YAHWEH instructed Moses to take his name to Pharaoh and deliver the Israelites from bondage. The Egyptians (GENTILES) had to finally bow to that name. “ And YAHWEH) shall be King over all the earth and in that day YAHWEH will prove to be a UNITY and with one name.” (ZECH. 14:9). Peter took that name down to Cornelius household (ALSO GENTILES) and they were saved in that name. If you cannot see the importance of calling on the Most High by this Sacred Original Name, it would be WISE to do some research on it., as it is only for his people. “My people shall know my name…..(ISA 52:6)." 


Note: He did not say perhaps, maybe, might, probably, but SHALL know his name.  If you are to be among his people, he will reveal this to you.  It is a privilege to be one of his.  Not only will his people know his name, but be called by his name (II CHRON 7:14; EPH 3:14-15) and will have their Father’s name written in their foreheads (REV. 14:1).

Friends, there is no excuse for using a substitute when you were told to call our Heavenly Father by his correct name. Therefore, whenever you see: LORD, use the original inspired name, YAHWEH. Whenever you see: GOD, use the original inspired title. ELOHIM. Whenever you see: JESUS CHRIST, use the original inspired name, YAHSHUA.

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