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Questions and Answers

2.   What exactly is Yahweh’s purpose and plan?  This question has been posed to the student body, by so called leaders within I.D.M.R., not to stimulate thought and or discussion, but to seek out a true   answer.

3.  How was salvation accomplished and In what name?   Some people believe that you have to invite Jesus into your heart.  Others believe that you must be saved in a natural man's name.  

1.  What is the Creator's true Name?  This question is often the source of confusion and strife among men.

4.  Does every man have the Holy Spirit?  Are men born with a Satanic Spirit?  These questions are asked by many.  Many question whether or not men have the holy spirit, and some, even go so far as to state that Men are born with a Satanic Spirit.

5.  Is the Father, Word, and Holy Spirit a Unity?  Many teach the concept of a trinity often willingly and at    times not knowing.



6.  When was the vision and revelation given to Dr. Henry C. Kinley and is it still valid?  This date continues    to be a source of confusion for some.

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